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ABOUT LLC "Podvodremstroy"

LLC "Podvodremstroy" are registered to act as representative to top oil leading refinery in Russia producer of Refined Petroleum Products. Our main oil refinery produces and exports a wide range of refined petroleum products, Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade JP54, Mazut M100 Gost 10585-75 / 99, Diesel D2 Gasoil Gost 305-82 and Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Seller owns two different refineries in Russia Federation. Aside from that, seller owns shares (over 80%) in 6 other refineries in Russia Federation. 20 years of network and relationship management has led to a unique availability of huge amounts of petroleum products which can be shipped at almost each port in Russia. Including Novorossiysk port, Vladivostok port Primorsk. All their access points and refineries are connected to the Russian pipeline network and have access to all of them. Seller's grown relationship over decades to the (mainly but not exclusive ) Russian oil infrastructure brings them into the outstanding position that they can deliver higher amounts than the competitors in the market. Seller can combine several options and deliver large quantities. Our seller also built up all transportation and logistics facilities with charter companies on JV and partnership basis. This guarantees that they can deliver what they produce to Any Safe Port in the world.


The mission of the company is the production and sale of competitive petrochemical products and services in accordance with the requirements and expectations of interested parties, the development of existing markets, the achievement of the Company's sustainability, the improvement of the quality of life of employees and the company as a whole. The main corporate priorities and the determinants of its development, Volgasintez sees in Safe working environment, protecting the health of employees, improving environmental and energy efficiency, industrial safety and information security Creating a stable professional team capable of achieving the Company's goals.


For our seller As's transactional history, Seller is supplying fuel to various state and private large organizations. They are providing Gasoil Diesel D2 Gost 305-82 and Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade JP54 to the Fujairah / UAE Government as well as LPG to the Governments of Chile , Porto Rico and Brazil. China. Germany. They supply Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade JP54 to top Five Majors countries the United States, Mazut M100 Gost10585-75 / 99 Liquefied Petroleum Gas and and to several other buyers' countries. Including. China. India . Germany. Nederland. For its international transactions Seller always uses and solely accept Prime banks such as UBS, HSBC, Standard Chartered bank, Barclays, Chase Manhattan, Citi Bank or any bank ranked in the Top 50